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HOWO Military Caravan Truck

★Product origin: China
★Shipping port: Shanghai seaport
★Lead time: 15 working day
★MOQ: 1 sets
★Payment: L/C, T/T

Caravan truck (also named pickup truck caravan, truck caravan) used in wild suburb area ,  The soldiers  go out to perform fighting and field task, the normal load bus can not meet the need of demand, in view of the special industries custom development  caravan truck, both for personnel and rest, this type effectively solve the trouble that all precious capacity is small, and whole seat car not convenient to rest, its well meet the demand of security system of customer, improve the flow of comfort.
it equipped with double extended system, 20-30 beds, plateau focal, smoke machine, sanitary ware, electric toilet, gun cabinets, air conditioning system, warm wind system, TV, water and power supply system.