Suizhou Special Purpose Vehicle collective appearance in 2017 Beijing BICES

According to learn from Chinaspv, with 4 days of the 14th of Beijing international engineering machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting was officially kicked off in new China international exhibition center on September 20.
The 12 features of this exhibition are fully mechanical, with more than 10 theme peaks BBS and selection activities. One of the most striking is the special auto show that has assembled a number of special steam companies from Suizhou..
Heavy lifting truck
According to the knowledge, there are 14 enterprises participating in the special auto exhibition, covering 35 special auto products in various fields including emergency rescue, fire fighting, sanitation and new energy.
Pure electric bus
Suizhou which is the main birthplace and important production base of China's special automobile, and the comprehensive strength is the highest in the country. In 2007, it was awarded the title of "China's auto capital". At present, there are 168 enterprises in the size of the state, 35 of which are special in automobile production, and more than 7,000 kinds of products in national public notice, and the product category is the highest in the country.
Warwick multi-function anti-dust truck
The Chinaspv reporter understands, in Suizhou special auto show, a variety of special automobile group to appeared , tank car, city sanitation vehicle, trailer, dump truck, pure electric vehicle, aerial platform truck, military vehicles and other special automobile taking turns, multidimensional, diversified products the dizzying.  As for the specific excellent products to participate in the exhibition, the innovation of the industry will need you to go to the scene to find out, the booth E3601, E4301 and E4601, Suizhou special vehicle waiting for your presence!