Three kinds of emergency treatment for Vehicle high temperature

Date: 2017-06-19
Every summer, hot weather let a person hard to adapt, so that the truck. Many trucks of coolant temperature is high, there are lots of the causes, the main is to distinguish coolant and no cooling fluid, the two different situations require different measures to deal with. Today is to introduce several kinds of emergency for high temperature phenomenon.

Ⅰ,If meet the problems of high temperature, it can be used to compare. Load cycle cooling system normal overload after the engine overheating, when the engine operating range under the truck, water temperature is close to 100 degrees, even the engine temperature overheating, but the cooling system can still run normally. At this time should maintain the engine idle speed running, it is forbidden shut down; With cold water poured accelerated cooling radiator surface. The temperature dropped to about 50 degrees of idle state, Use wet towel to open the tank cover thick to cool down. Finally must check that whether oil feet scale within the normal range.
Note: people should avoid face the tank cover, to prevent scalding water

Ⅱ,Engine water temperature too high cycle cooling system malfunction has many reasons, such as thermostat, silicone oil cooling fan, fan belt and so on damage cause cooling system can not work normally. First of all to maintain state of the car engine, it is forbidden to remove from heat; With cold water poured accelerated cooling radiator surface. Usually this kind of cases, the circulating water temperature drop is limited, the engine temperature below 80 degrees, taking intermittent stall, hit the flameout switch sensor or unplug efi system, engine running over with the starter machine, 10 to 15 seconds for a cycle, passive cooling operation, finally check whether oil feet scale within the normal range.
Note: Before the complete engine cooling, remember that it is forbidden to unscrew the tank cover at any time.

Ⅲ,The engine cooling system without water dry state
Engine "dry", that is, without cooling water condition, can cause serious accidents. When using any form of cooling water spray the radiator cooling are basic invalid, nor heat engine operation.
In the first place in the condition of the car, should open the oil filling mouth, rapid filling lubricating oil, because the water shortage situation thoroughly, engine oil with a large number of high temperature and evaporation, must quickly added. The next step is very important, after lubricating oil must be shut down, to take any way to make engine shut down and oil cut-off. Start the machine running at the same time, the passive motor, sustainable, 10 seconds interval 5 seconds pause, keep the frequency. Better to damage a starter, also want to keep the engine, the greatest degree avoid glue cylinder, cylinder, etc. Serious accidents.
Note: the engine "dry" condition, able to infuse water of cooling, do not cause alternating, engine cylinder body burst accidents, etc.

To summarize, the engine overheating, to judgment and rapid disposal, summed up the following main point:
1, determine whether there is water, lack of water or no water completely
2, except there is no water thoroughly "dry", cannot be shut down immediately
3, water the radiator, it is forbidden to unscrew the tank cover
4, Lack of water should be thoroughly and disposal