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Special van truck

JMC Ozone Deodorant Truck

★Product origin: China
★Shipping port: Shanghai seaport
★Lead time: 15 working day
★MOQ: 1 sets
★Payment: L/C, T/T


Adopt advanced proton exchange membrane preparation technology and efficient ozone gas/water mixed device, preparation of high concentration ozone gas/water at the scene of the special vehicle, gas/water mixture of ozone utilization high, ozone gas concentration is as high as 25 to 30 (wt %), the concentration of ozone water up to 15 to 20 mg - L, have fast cleaning, deodorant, disinfection, sterilization function, can be widely used in urban and rural health management, emergency disaster management and agriculture, forestry and fishery industry, to control pollution, to prevent diseases, improve the effect of the environment