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Vending truck

Mobile Vending Towing Truck For Sale

★Product origin: China
★Shipping port: Shanghai seaport
★Lead time: 15 working day
★MOQ: 1 sets
★Payment: L/C, T/T
According to the different goods that sells
Description Configuration Instructions
Mobile Vending Towing Truck ( mobile marketing  van, catering van towing truck , mobile  shop towing truck, mobile marketing towing vehicle, mobile food towing truck, etc.) is used to sell goods on the street.
According to the different goods that sells, a mobile catering could be customized to a food truck , ice cream truck with freezer, fruit or vegetable truck with rack, etc. 

Mobile vending towing truck can be equipped with tea restaurant equipment, cake and bakery equipment, coffee equipment and so on, it’s a most ideal mobile food vending tool in currently.
Combined with local feature, the truck adopt the new material with beautiful, environmental protection, high quality, easy to clean. Compartments body floor is made of imported aluminum-plastic plate, anticorrosion, acid and alkali resistance. Compartments in vivo plaque with 16 mm thickness of aluminum zinc alloy composite board material, the plate of green environmental protection does not contain formaldehyde, from microbes, volume weight, high strength; Flame retardant, fire prevention and anti-static.
Basic configuration: vehicle chassis device, traction device, in front of the box body assembly, the paint of the body, lift door, the door on the right side of the lift, lower sales platform, body, front leg on the lift door and swing doors after, before the turn table.
Optional configuration: counter rack, smoke lampblack machine, kanto cooking, freezing, refrigeration freezer work station, deep fryer, griddles, monocular, burn oven, cook stove oven, electric configuration, air conditioning, monitoring device, body poster etc. Can be customized according to requirements