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Pesticide spray truck

Pesticide Sprayer Truck Dongfeng

★Product origin: China
★Shipping port: Shanghai seaport
★Lead time: 15 working day
★MOQ: 1 sets
★Payment: L/C, T/T
Pesticide spray truck also called pesticide sprayer, pesticide sprinkler, pesticide spraying truck, mosquito control truck, mosquito spew truck, mosquito spray truck, pest control truck, pest control sprayer truck, spray truck, insecticide spray truck is designed to transport and spray pesticide. It is used to spray pesticide to control pest in agriculture and mosquito in human life.

Pesticide sprayer truck is equipped with high portable power generator and fogger additionally on water truck. The portable generator or gasoline, drives the fogger, which make the liquid atomization, so the pesticide could be sprayed very equably.

Pesticide spraying truck could also be equipped with special sprayers in all sides to achieve front flush, rear sprinkle, side spray, When loading clean water, it is used to sprinkle and clean the roads, water the plants for multi use.
----Dongfeng chassis, perfect performance
----Dongfeng chaoyang engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 10,000km.
----Nice shape, rational structure
----Water pump super powerful, efficient pump in and out
----High quality generator and fogger
----Massive, durable, perfect performance